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The annual Army-Navy Game get-together at the Brae Loch Inn in Cazenovia is being considered.  Discussions with the Inn’s host are being made.  More about this later.


Alumni, family and friends are encouraged to attend the weekly Wednesday lunch at 1200 at Clear Path for Veterans in Chittenango, NY.  You can call (315-687-3300) to let them know if you will be attending a lunch but calling is not necessary…just show up.


Alumni, family, friends, USNA parents, and others with an interest in the Naval Academy are welcome to join the Chapter at all Chapter functions. Contact Bob Fegan by phone (315-663-7490) or e-mail ([email protected]) to let us know if you plan to attend a function. 


Future Chapter activities will be addressed as they are planned.









The Central New York Chapter leadership has discussed offering Life Membership and with inputs from a few Alumni, the following table shows what we have decided:

Year Groups

Life Membership Fee




















If 40% of the Alumni in the Central New York area opt for Life Membership and with over $2,000 currently in the Chapter’s non-profit checking account with M&T, the Chapter would have over $10,000 which is more than enough to support the Chapter’s financial commitments through 2030.

Alumni who have paid Dues for the Chapter year 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021 and for subsequent years may apply those Dues to their Life Membership Fee.  Also those Alumni who have made Donations to the Chapter may apply all or part of the Donation to their Life Membership Fee.  Each Alumni to whom the above applies should contact Bob Fegan ([email protected]) (315-663-7490) and let him know what to do or to check what your Dues status may be.

For those Alumni who choose not to pay the Life Membership Fee, the annual Chapter membership fee of $20 will be continued.  Additionally, the Chapter year is being changed from   “1 June to 31 May” to “1 January to 31 December”.  Those Alumni who have paid dues for the current Chapter year (1 June to 31 May) will have their membership extended to 31 December 2021.

The Chapter year of “1 June to 31 May” was established in 2005 when the CNY Chapter was recognized by the USNA Alumni Association (AA) by a letter dated 11 May 2005.  Changing the Chapter year to “1 January to 31 December” aligns with the traditional calendar.

Payment of Dues (Life Membership or Annual) can be made in cash or check at a Chapter function or by mailing a check payable to “CNY Chapter of USNA Alumni” to Bob Fegan, 1570 US Route 20, Cazenovia, NY 13035-9202.  Please provide a note to indicate your USNA AA status (Life Member, Annual or Not a member) and your email address to ensure that the Chapter’s database is complete and up-to-date.




The Chapter officers are:


Steve Erb (’68), President (http://[email protected])

Bob Fegan (’64), Secretary/Treasurer (http://[email protected])